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Welcome to Arizona! We help executives and their families quickly get connected within the Arizona Business Community!

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Make Arizona the most connected, supportive and collaborative business ecosystem anywhere in the world. We connect fellow business leaders to each other to build relationships, help one another by sharing resources, and support our continued economic growth by promoting the advantages the state offers to businesses outside of Arizona.

Membership is invite-only and consists of senior-level Arizona-based executives. Members must be mid- to senior-level leaders within private industry companies in high-value industries. Members must be willing to help promote Arizona’s success stories and advantages to their networks through social media, email communication to their lists, op-eds and speaking engagements.

This website serves as the primary source of information for the mission of the organization and how you can become involved and events. Annual and group events organized around personal interests and activities will be held at locations determined by members.

Members will have regular connectivity with Arizona’s principal business and community leaders.

Monthly email newsletter containing most recent Arizona success stories and talking points to help tell the Arizona story.

Groups organized by members around personal interests and activities are a core part of the Arizona Business Community model. A list of groups that members and their families can get involved in with other business leaders will be available on the website.